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New Patented Line of Expandable Atrium Windows Designed to Fold Flat When in Transit or Not in Use for Safety and Security
Elkhart, Ind. – ASV Plastics is pleased to introduce the new Bayview window series of expandable atrium windows that fold flush when not in use. The new Bayview window is designed to provide recreational vehicles with the convenience of an atrium window while combining the safety and security feature of folding away when not in use or in transit. The window easily locks in the open and closed positions simply by turning four knobs.

The Bayview window is designed with the aesthetically pleasing details of conventional atrium windows but with the sturdy window construction found in the transportation industry. ASV Plastics uses a combination of quality automotive and residential window technologies to craft the new Bayview window. Materials include high tempered safety glass, aluminum frame extrusions, stainless steel hardware and custom fitted foam outer frame seals. The windows can be manufactured with a variety of inside clamps to accommodate most sidewall or wall thicknesses.

With one tempered glass shelf on the smaller models and two on the larger, the Bayview window is large and sturdy enough to handle the weight of multiple potted plants.

All Bayview windows have a stained-glass lamination option to add a touch of classic elegance in any installation. The windows can be ordered with tinted or clear glass. All of the window extrusions are available coated white or black and come in the following sizes:
• 24-inches by 48-inches
• 36-inches by 48-inches
• 42-inches by 48-inches
• 48-inches by 48-inches

No Leaks and Virtually No Warranty Issues
Pair precise engineering with the latest technology, and the result is a product with little or no warranty issues, as evidenced with the Bayview. Out of the thousands of Bayview windows produced since 2000 for the RV segment, only three have resulted in warranty claims including one customer who didn't realize the Bayview could be resealed. In fact, since all of the window's components are what the industry calls "piece lot," they are easy to replace.

About ASV Plastics
President, Jack Seaver and Vice President and Designer, Dennis Vance, innovators in extrusion molding, founded ASV PLASTICS, INC., one of the nation's premier producers of niche extrusion products. Located in Elkhart, Ind., ASV is esteemed by leaders in the recreational vehicle and automotive manufacturing industries as developers of worry-free, high quality unique products.

Contact ASV Plastics, Inc. at 23897 C.R. 106, Elkhart, IN 46514. Ph: 800-661-2366 Fx: 574-264-9694-8166, or on the web at


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