High-Resolution Photos and Photo Captions

The same format used by the stock image houses, these photos are formatted as high-resolution JPG images for use as color or black and white photography in your publication or on-line. Each photo has an appropriate caption beside the image. The image files are RGB color space, and should be converted to CMYK for process printing. They are suitable for use at 300dpi at 5"x7".

For Windows users, right click the image and save the source file to your hard drive.
For Mac users, click and hold the mouse down, then save source file to your hard drive. Files sizes range from 1.5mb to 7.7mb.

All photos and graphic images are subject to the propriety and copyright interest of ASV Plastics, Inc. and any use without attribution to ASV Plastics, Inc. is prohibited.. --Suggested attribution: "Photo Courtesy of ASV Plastics, Inc."


Caption: Revolutionary "Clamp and Trim" technology allows Bayview windows to neatly fold for safe, worry-free transport.


Caption: Bayview windows showcase and enhance elegant interiors with 11-inch deep shelves.


Caption: The Bayview opens up decorating possibilities